We are being manipulated by government and...

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

Although there is a lot of information out there ( especially on internet ) about the government control and manipulation, about the Illuminati and the New World Order etc. not everybody - and as a matter of fact majority of people in this world - has not heard anything about it or even if they did they don't take it seriously or they just let it pass by through the thing in the head between the ears and they simply continue with their life as normal.

Now... the question is whether it is important to know about it ? And then it would be good to know if knowing anything about it would change anything in your life and in the whole world ?

Well... if you are 100% happy about your life then there is really no reason to investigate and change anything... or is it ? But even if you are happy about your own life it is obvious that there are many in this world who are not so fortunate and literally they struggle and fight to survive on this planet every day and this could also be a reason good enough to investigate the point "why ?".

So let's say that you decide to investigate this topic and here is the question where to go and where to look for the information about it ?

Well... it is obvious that we cannot go and ask directly the government about it and there are few reasons about it. First of all not all members of the government, parliament etc. know about it and secondly those who know about it and participate in it ( control, manipulation, New World Order etc. ) will never admit it and certainly they would put you on the black list and "watched your back" closely just in case that you become "uncomfortable" to them by finding out too much.

To be continued...


Written: 2014 - August - 11   Published: 2014 - November - 03      © Copyright 2014 - Greg Wiater