Cheap but more expensive - saving on your health

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

I met yesterday a friend in the shop and during conversation she told me that she has shoulder pain. Well... I told her that I have a lot of experience with this type of problems and that I am very effective with treating it and I suggested that she calls me and makes an appointment with me. She got interested but when I told her my price ( which is above the average on the market here ) she made a face gesture showing at least disapproval. I assured her that would not take money from her if I would not help her. You'll know... she has been suffering with this pain for few months already and none of the therapies that she has tried so far were successful and I give her almost 100% guarantee that I could help her but still this was not enough. And the reason for it is that my services are more expensive than the average. This is not the first time when I deal with a similar situation and thus I am neither surprised nor disappointed with it.

Now... why don't I lower my prices to the average price on the market ?

You'll see... it is not all about money here. Of course I need it to pay for my bills but I am not desperate for it and thus my intention here is to help people who are ready to accept help. And setting my prices as they are now helps me to see who is ready to do everything possible to get better ( healthy ). You'll know... there is one very important rule in the true healing.

"You can pay somebody to suppress the symptoms of your sickness but you cannot buy real health with money".

And that means that you, your body and the whole world must be your priority and you must be ready to do everything possible to achieve it without abusing or causing harm to others. Unfortunately many people prioritize money and then there comes a situation like the one with my friend when she makes a fuss about my prices being higher than the average on the market. She has been suffering with this pain already many months. She has already spent some money on visits to the doctors and other therapists. Even though it was for free ( I presume it was included in the public health insurance ) she paid money for the petrol, pain killers and possibly other medications. She has wasted time on visits to the doctors, pharmacies etc. and this can be also directly converted into money. Now she is considering whether she would need to have the operation and this would be another long list with indirect expenses related to it.

So this is how we try to save money but within this we miss the point of hidden expenses which usually are much greater than paying for the good quality. And this is a serious problem for the whole world. It does not relate to the doctors etc. For example we try to save money on dumping the rubbish into the oceans etc. and we don't realize that one day we will pay for it big time. And I am not talking here about the payment in money although it is also part of it because it will be very expensive for us to pay for cleaning the "shit". The rubbish in the oceans is killing animals and polluting the environment and this directly lowers quality of our food and our life style here on earth.

There is not much really to say here. It is all common sense for those who want to use the brain and see something more than just money.


Written: 2014 - August - 10   Published: 2014 - November - 03      © Copyright 2014 - Greg Wiater