Car wheel covers and preventing 3rd world war

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

So if somebody asked to choose between stealing wheel covers ( or it could be anything else ) and preventing world war 3, what would you do ? What would you choose ?

I guess that the answer is straight forward... isn't it ?

But as I said before once everything gains momentum and is literally out of control ( like the war ) then it is really difficult to agree with somebody pointing out that the reason for it is inside of us and it is related to the stealing of wheel covers etc. But you'll see... the world war does not come out of nothing and it does not happen from day to day. This is a global event and it is a result of participation of many people in it through adding small amount of conflictive energy until it accumulates and reaches a critical point when this energy needs to "discharge" itself in the form of war.

As I have pointed out in the last article some people may manipulate ( e.g. through media ) cleverly others so that they start to generate this "war energy" and through this achieve the goal ( war ) because this would benefit them financially and it would help to gain control over population etc.

So you'll see... in my case instead of taking actions based on emotional charge ( wanting justice etc. ) I stop and I ask myself few questions. And one of the few questions is whether this is best for all. I know that I can continue driving my car without the wheel covers and so there is no need to get into the situation of creating unnecessary consequences for myself and the whole world.

But stopping myself from creating chain reaction of possible consequences I can also do so much more. Because I can also try to find the reasons of why somebody would steal my wheel covers instead of buying them in the shop ?

Well... the answer is rather easy. We live in the system in which prevails lack, poverty and fight for survival. And thus if we created a system in which everybody lives in abundance or at least has secured the basic survival needs then we would reduced drastically ( or even eliminate completely ) situations when somebody must steal from others. I know that for many this may seem like utopia. But I tell you that if somebody is capable of manifesting and organizing global war then why would we not be able to create and organize new system which supports life and peace ?

Thus as you can see... it is not just about stopping my participation in creating consequences for the whole world but it is also important to go one step ahead and do something to create a new system which supports life and what is best for all. And here comes for example the proposal from Equal Life Foundation in the form of Living Income Guaranteed. Investigate it and support if you can.


Written: 2014 - July - 28   Published: 2014 - November - 01      © Copyright 2014 - Greg Wiater