Car wheel covers and preventing 3rd world war

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

Anyway... I did not do it but let's have a look at possible consequences if I did it.

First of all if was caught by the police I would be at least fined and registered in court for stealing. I am certain that I would argue "intensely" with the cops to prove my point feeling that I am being "supported" by my belief in my mind that I am innocent. And you'll know... once the things heat up as a result of self created beliefs and emotions then the things can go really fucked and complicated for me. This is very similar to the confrontations of the demonstrators with the police.

Another scenario is this that I would succeed and I would steal the wheel covers from another car. Certainly I would feel content and "happy" or something like this and I would believe this is the end of story. Unfortunately this is not the end because here we must go further in our analysis of probable events and we must take into the consideration what would be the reaction of the car owner who was robbed by me.

In my case I just wanted the "justice" and the wheel covers. I did not plan to continue taking revenge and stealing more things just because "everybody else" does it and so I should also do it.

This was me but I don't know what would be the reaction of the other car owner. Maybe s/he would buy himself new wheel covers and that would be it. But maybe his/her revenge would be much stronger ? Maybe s/he would be a person who has more influence in this world and s/he would start to behave differently as a result of the incident of steeling his/her wheel covers and obviously his decisions would affect world on a greater scale ? Maybe he would become an asshole for life because of this and other similar incidents ?

And the result of it would be that the pyramid of consequences would grow ever bigger and faster. So can you see it now ? Seemingly small and insignificant event can easily grow and affect many people and the whole world.

And what does it have to do with the 3rd world war ?

Obviously once the things heat up and run uncontrolled ( e.g. war ) then it is really difficult to associate stealing wheel covers as a cause of the war but once you have the courage to trace the pyramid to the top and see the real cause then you would have to admit that I am right here in this point. Another obvious point here is that we cannot blame the wheel covers ( they don't fight in the front line anyway ) for the war but rather the behavior of the humans.

Thus in reality all that we need is to have another global war is to have more people who become assholes, hurt, disappointed, afraid, manipulated as a result of the events just like the one o described above where they are being abused and hurt. Or we need more people who form a belief that they are innocent and they decide to fight for their rights to protect themselves and find the justice for themselves because then it is really easy to make them believe that war is the right way to go. And because there are beings in this world who would benefit from war thus they can stir and manipulate appropriately the events an the media so that people get to the front line and fight to the last drop of blood believing that they are right.

To be continued...


Written: 2014 - July - 27   Published: 2014 - November - 01      © Copyright 2014 - Greg Wiater