Facing death in the family

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

Today I received message that one of my family member is dead. Although I knew that this may come any time but at the same time I did not expect it to hear this kind of message so soon. Anyway... it happened and now let's have a look at how I deal with it.

But before I continue I need to give you some background information because it is important here. Thus I have been studying, investigating and practicing spirituality and meditation for many years and the concept and idea of afterlife is considered for me as something normal and logical. In the last 5 years this whole idea of continuation of life after death has been modified and "polished" after I studied the material and information coming from Desteni Group but yet it is still within the concept of continuation of life after death.

Thus I have got the news over the phone and I was helping the person on the other end to get stabilized emotionally as she was completely distressed, crying and she was trying to blame herself for what has happened. So I explained calmly that she cannot blame herself for it and that she must breath deep. After few minutes we hang up but I called again about 2 hours later and I heard that the person was already stable. So my advice has helped here.

Now... when I hang up the phone I had few moments when I wanted to cry myself but I got myself to breathe and it all stopped. Apart from this I had to work I got my attention into my client. And I was working I noticed that actually I feel some kind of lightness and even joy around my chest. I have been working with myself and self-development for many years and thus I already had similar experiences and feelings so let myself to relax, knowing that everything is ok.

You could possibly ask: how could it be all "OK" if somebody in my family has just died ?

Well... as I said I have experience with self development and with my patients and clients as well and I don't judge anymore myself and I don't resists and suppress this feeling. I just simply let it be because I know that all is OK.

So then I started to analyze the whole situation and try to understand why I actually feel OK.

To be continued...


Written: 2014 - July - 23   Published: 2014 - November - 01      © Copyright 2014 - Greg Wiater