Is spiritual energy real ?

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

So you'll see... the energy of which the spiritual people talk about is not just something mystic and unexplainable. It is part of the physical reality and physical laws. But yet many people get lost within it because they fall into the trap of self created illusions which seem to be very real to them and later these people through unconscious or even conscious manipulation convince others to believe in it and accept it as something real. And later all of this misconception and lack of understanding of physical laws creates series of serious consequences, which affect the whole world.

Now... although we may not understand yet fully this physical energy, it is certain that there are people who can use and control this energy more than others ( for example with breathing ). And here I am talking for example about healers, those who practice Tai-Chi, Kung-Fu etc. So you'll see... these people are able to generate and charge themselves with extra energy and then use it for example for healing others or use it for other things ( even telekinesis etc. ) which for many would look like magic but in the end it is all about understanding and applying the physical laws.

Now... using this "spiritual" energy is not always being used constructively. Look... somebody who is angry quite often is doing exactly the same as the healer though he is accumulating and generating different sort of energy. And I am certain that you have experienced it for yourself more than once in your life time. Let's say that you meet somebody and without saying a word you would immediately start feeling uncomfortable, sad, weak etc. It is simply that this person through thinking very often certain thoughts and having certain emotions ( emotion = energy in motion ) like worry, anger, judgment etc., will create around them a specific electromagnetic current strong enough to influence people around. And this could also be classified easily as spiritual energy. It is simply that we don't think about it this way.

So you'll see... certain people can generate and accumulate energy within them and around them which could be used constructively and for the benefit of others while others do the opposite. The spiritual energy is real physical energy and it is just that we have not yet put clarity about it in our dictionaries.


Written: 2014 - July - 22   Published: 2014 - October - 31      © Copyright 2014 - Greg Wiater