Women are always right

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

I guess I cannot do much about my friend who beliefs completely that I was into her and desiring to have sex with her. But in the end this should not really bother me much because it is not of my interest what she beliefs and thinks in her mind about me and others. I know that she is very talkative and I am almost certain that she told her story to other people and made them convinced that this was true but this again is not of my business and it doesn't bother. If somebody is into illusions and incredible stories which give them energy high then they will take it for real and they probably will talk about it with their friends to get even more energy from it. On the other hand if somebody is interested in facts and reality then they should talk directly to me and cross reference the whole situation and then decide what is real and what an illusion is. As I said before this is none of my business and it doesn't bother me. I know where I am and where I was 8 years ago in regards to my friend and I am at peace with myself. This is very simple.

I know that there are many jokes about women being always right. And the example of my friends perfectly falls into this category. But in the end it is not that this applies solely to women. Men do the same mistake and it is that they somehow "get away" with it because we don't hear many jokes about it ( if any at all ).

Now... what are the consequences of this type of behavior ?

Well... there are many because later we make decisions based on the false illusions and this spreads in a pyramidal structure and affects the whole world. Of course how it will affect the world depends on the importance of the situation and the person itself ( e.g. there will be more people talking about somebody famous ) but still even though I am "small and insignificant" the story of my friend ( if she talked about it to others ) will also affect the whole world in some way.

And this is another example and prove that even though we are "small and insignificant" we are continuously creating and shaping the whole world with our actions and decisions. Unfortunately quite often we make decisions based on illusions and self-created beliefs and then we have many unnecessary problems and difficulties in our world.

Thus I advice you to be more responsible in regards to what you do, what you think and what kind of decisions you make. It is always good to check both sides of the coin ( I mean to hear both sides involved into the situation especially conflictive one ) to cross reference what is real and what is illusion instead of believing unconditionally our best friend, partner, family member etc. who may color the whole situation to make themselves look good, get the attention of others by playing the victim etc.

And when it comes to women I would recommend to not make decisions based just on your emotions, feelings and impressions. You should also use logic and common sense. Believe me that when you do it then our world will change for better greatly.

And when it comes to men... don't just make jokes to laugh at women. Do something about it. Don't allow them to believe that they are right but keeping quiet. I know that you will not be able to change their mind. But you should know that this is not your job as it is impossible for anybody to change others if they don't want to do it. But stand up, confront them and present them the facts. This is how you take the responsibility and how you change the world for better.


Written: 2014 - July - 20   Published: 2014 - October - 31      © Copyright 2014 - Greg Wiater