A dream to have a private island to enjoy happy life

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Why do I talk about the symptoms if you have worked very hard to earn all this money so that you could buy yourself a private island ?

Well... look... your main intention behind buying a private island is to separate yourself from all these "stupid" people out there and enjoy your life in peace. And what about if instead of hiding yourself on private island you dedicated some time and money to create a new system in which there would be no war, poverty, competition, abuse, better education etc. ? And then majority of the people would be happy and they would not behave stupidly as they do now. So you'll see... this would be dealing with the real cause of the problem while hiding yourself on the island is dealing with the symptoms. And I tell you that suppressing the symptoms will never give permanent results and complete satisfaction. You may enjoy some peace for some time on this private island but sooner or later this would come to an end. And that means for example that these "stupid" people would come for example to your island and would use force to rob you. And then you could be also harmed during the robbery.

And we could go further here in our projection of the future. Thus if you survived the robbery then you would decide to build walls around you island and get body guards, which would give you again more peace and security but it doesn't mean that somebody else would not try to rob you again.

Now... there is one other important point here. So let's say that you would live on your island in peace and surrounded by your family and/or best friends. And you think that you would be happy there. But unfortunately you don't understand one thing. Your base and starting point is not only dealing with the symptoms ( instead of the real cause ) but you are also going in the direction of isolation and separation ( from the rest of the people ) instead of unification. And the consequence and obvious outcome of it is the feeling of feeling alone. And thus here you may be surrounded by your family and/or best friends but you will not be able to have fulfilling relationships with other people.

So you'll see... there is nothing wrong with living on the private island in peace and surrounded by your family and best friends. But I suggest that you have a look at your starting point because then you will be able to say quite easily where it all will end up. If you try to separate yourself from other people then you will feel alone and isolated even though you would be surrounded by many people. This is the very obvious and clear. Unfortunately many people come to this realization only in the last moments of their life when there is already too late to change anything and obviously they regret their decisions. So I suggest that you use common sense and logic and make the decisions so that you know for sure that you will be satisfied with your life.


Written: 2014 - July - 18   Published: 2014 - October - 31      © Copyright 2014 - Greg Wiater