About pyramids

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

Although lately I had not many thoughts about the pyramids, this topic in itself is very interesting to me and at some stage of my life I was investigating it more thoroughly. And now it looks like there is a new door in front of me behind which there are pyramids and I was somehow "guided" to this point.

Why do I say so ?

Well... there were few incidents in my life lately which tell me this. Look... during my holiday visit in my country I have discovered that I still have a miniature pyramid in my parent's house and I have completely forgotten about it. And what is interesting is the fact that this pyramid was kind of hidden and it was not easy to see it but somehow my attention got drawn to it. But before my attention got drawn to this pyramid I was kind of pulled in and attracted into the room in which this pyramid was in. It was curious because I was staying in another bedroom and I did not really have the reason to go there apart from the fact that I did not feel completely comfortable or at peace and so I decided to try to have a rest in this other room. And once I got there I felt more relaxed and at peace and I have also noticed this pyramid on top of the wardrobe.

Now I understand that this was not a coincidence as 2 days later I have ended up in the meeting with the guy who has been investigating, experimenting and working with pyramids for about 20 years. And to give another argument that this was pre-planned is the fact that my schedule for this holiday was not fixed and the possibilities of going to different places were literally "hanging" in the air and I had to pull the string and go somewhere. But although I was free to go where I want I can see now that the possibility of me not going to this meeting was kind of eliminated to zero because one of my friends asked me to help him with translations in to English at the meeting during which was this guy and I felt committed to be there. So as you can see my choice was actually not free and limited to only this one possibility. Of course something more important or urgent could have come up and then I would not be there but in the end I was.

To be continued...


Written: 2014 - July - 13   Published: 2014 - October - 20      © Copyright 2014 - Greg Wiater