Basic Income Grant has strong opposition

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

The Basic Income Grant as it is proposed now has few weaknesses and I realize that this could make people be doubtful about it but then we are in a situation when these people criticize it but they don't present a better proposal and all the poor people who struggle to survive are still in the same point. And you'll know... I have been talking about it with religious people who believe in god, Jesus, love etc. It is not that I want to judge or criticize these religious people... no... no... no... This is more to show that it does not really matter whether somebody is religious or not but it just proves that people will not support the practical solutions like Basic Income Grant because they operate within the limited space of ego and mind consciousness which doesn't value life but its own interest and money profit.

Obviously we could make a better proposal which would address the weaknesses of the Basic Income Grant. But you'll see... that has been already done. We already have had an Equal Money System proposal but then the argument of people was that it is too idealistic, that it is utopia and people did not want to support it. But again it is not about that this is utopia because in reality Equal Money System is something practical and something which would make people happy. It is simply that the level of ego and mind consciousness system in which people operate and are one with cannot comprehend the simplicity and the genius of the Equal Money System but instead they see it as something too complicated and impossible to achieve.

So you'll see we will not be able to make significant changes of our current abusive system in peaceful way unless we make significant changes within ourselves and what I mean here is that we stop participating within and as ego and mind consciousness system and live practically the principle of oneness and equality and the principle of what is best for all. And it is not about making demonstrations and revolutions on global scale - maybe not just yet. First we must do the small changes in our daily life because these small things will accumulate and lead to big changes of the whole system. At the moment majority of people don't know how to change themselves within and because of it they don't know how to make practical and effective changes on the global scale. And whenever somebody presents a solution like Basic Income Grant or Living Income Guaranteed or Equal Money System then they see it as unachievable, as utopia and/or too complicated.



Written: 2014 - July - 08   Published: 2014 - July - 14      © Copyright 2014 - Greg Wiater