About spiritual healing

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

Yesterday I was invited by one of my friends to come to a meeting, which was dedicated to talk about spiritual healing according to the "method" of Bruno Groening. He died in 1959 but his method is spread all over the world via internet and various groups - just like the one that I visited yesterday. I had 2 reasons to go there - firstly that I did not see my friend for a very long time and secondly I have a strong background in spirituality and thus I wanted to see what this is all about.

During the meeting we were given some information about Bruno and there were also couple of people who told everybody stories about their healings after they started to use his method and technique. You'll know... their cases of healing from their diseases and sicknesses has been very well documented and it was based on the medical analysis and tests and thus it is not something which could be easily and quickly discarded and/or classified as witchery and/or black magic. These people have tried everything that was available within the possibilities of the traditional medicine and nothing worked for them apart from applying practically the technique and method of "Einstellungen" proposed by Bruno Groening. And thus we cannot ignore these well documented facts this is all practical, effective and proven by the doctors themselves although they cannot understand why the patients have got healed.

Now... here are few more observations of mine which come from this meeting.

Firstly I have noticed that these people who were sick have created a belief that our doctors and traditional medicine itself are some kind of superior authority and if the doctors cannot help the patients then it means that they are "written off" and they either die or suffer for the rest of their lives. And to me this is bullshit because personally I know at least few people who could easily help them with their conditions if they applied certain basic procedures to clean and realign their body on all levels - emotional, physical, chemical, subtle energy etc. Well... I release that they don't know about it and thus they think that only miracle of god can heal. And this is what I have noticed here. These people place all their hope and beliefs into powerful and almighty god. As I said before it has been proven that it worked for them and now many people are freed from serious sicknesses. But then there is a very question here from me:

"What would happen if they did not give their power away to some external entity ( god ) and instead they placed all their hope into belief that they can heal themselves ?"

Well... I know from experience that this would create exactly the same results. Though I understand that we ( humans ) have been brainwashed and thus for us it is much easier to believe that somebody outside of us has more power than us and s/he can heal us while we are sinful and weak beings who can only pray and beg for attention and mercy of the almighty god. So it is cool that these people got healed from "incurable" diseases but in the end they get themselves entrapped in another limiting belief.

Another thing that struck me a little bit is that the people that I have spoken about it after the meeting ignore and reject common sense suggestions like conscious and deeper breathing, correcting the posture and investigating the reasons and causes of why they got sick and then take responsibility for it and correct it themselves. And this carries within it an indication that they don't want to take full responsibility for it and wait that something out there will do all the job for them and heal them, which for me is very fucked up.



Written: 2014 - July - 06   Published: 2014 - July - 14      © Copyright 2014 - Greg Wiater