Negotiating like a businessman

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

I am working recently on one project together with my friends and one part of it involved organization of accommodation for a group of people. We have found a good place ( as a matter of fact it was perfect and it would be difficult to find something similar that would suit ), we have seen it and we were discussing the details with the owner of this place. He told us his price and I have to say that it was quite acceptable because as I said before the place was just perfect for our project. And normally I would accept the conditions without any hesitation. But this time I approached it a little bit differently and I decided to negotiate the price of rent.

So we were negotiating back and forward for over 3 weeks. It was simple thing but it was going quite slow. And today during the conversation over the phone I noticed that the other person was getting pissed off with me because I was not accepting their conditions and I was trying to lower the price. And today finally I have got what I wanted and we signed a deal.

Now... here are couple of important point for me. I realize now that normally I would approach a similar situation with emotions. You'll know... I find something which I really want to have. Then I get emotionally excited and I accept the conditions as they are ( even though it is financially not completely in favor for me.

But this is not all. There was also another point in the past which I have changed now. Thus if I would negotiate with somebody I would do everything possible to not get another person angry and if that would happen anyway then I would accept their conditions much easier.

But as I said before this time was different... I did not get emotionally excited and I was not afraid to confront the person even though he would get pissed off or angry. I was cool and I stood my ground. You'll know... in the end it was not even about saving a lot of money on it. If the group will get big then obviously the saving will be much bigger but I doubt that the group will be big and the savings will be probably very small.

But you'll know what ?

Standing up and not allowing myself to be emotional during the negotiations was something, which is priceless. I went through the process of transformation in my life and as myself and there is no amount of money in this world that could "buy me" this.

To be continued...



Written: 2014 - July - 04   Published: 2014 - July - 14      © Copyright 2014 - Greg Wiater