Struggling to keep the discipline

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

About 2 weeks ago I decided to do an experiment which was about keeping up for 7 days the discipline on my goals and eliminate the time wasting activities. I have already written one article about it and if you have read it already then you should know that I did not manage to complete successfully my experiment. So I failed in the first approach.

Then I decided to go ahead and try again. You'll know... this is me. When I decide that I want to do something then I do it and it doesn't matter how much time it takes. But this is not so much and being stupidly stubborn and doing some bullshit things. I know that my goal ( keeping the focus for 7 days ) is within my reach and it is achievable. And it is simply that I have some weak points here which need to be transformed and then I will complete my experiment.

Anyway... I have also failed at the 2nd approach and I will have to start again.

What I have learned so far from my failures ?

Well... first of all there is nobody to be blamed for it - not even myself. It is simply that I decided to fail and I failed. I was fully aware in the moment of breaking my commitment and that's it. There is a consequence to it and I know it. The consequence that I am talking about is simply that I have to start the whole process from the beginning. And that sucks because I know that if I completed my experiment successfully then I would be able to go to the next level. I mean I have further ideas about next experiments and I would like to do them but first I need to make the first step.

Secondly... it is very easy to find an excuse like "just a little bit" or "fuck it" or "I need to relax a little bit" or "everybody else does it as well" etc. And then comes the fall.

Thirdly... once I manage to keep the discipline I feel very quickly the empowerment and the satisfaction which is incredible.

Thus here is the question:

"If it feels so incredible then why I don't continue doing it all the time ?"

Well... try to do a similar experiment. Maybe you will succeed at the first approach. And that is really cool. But in my case one thing is for sure and that is that I will not give up until I complete my task. In the end it is not something impossible.



Written: 2014 - June - 26   Published: 2014 - July - 14      © Copyright 2014 - Greg Wiater