How the hell have I got here ?

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

So you don't answer this question. You take for granted as something normal. You tell your friends about it and you laugh together. And because your friends also tell you similar stories about it then you strengthen your belief that this is something really normal. And once you form a belief in your mind that something is normal and real then "HTF are you going to change it ?".

This is not going to happen unless something else ( usually shocking e.g. car accident which could happen while you were driving and thinking intensively in your mind and you did not see what was happening on the road ) happens in your life and then you open your eyes ( your real eyes ) and you will try to really answer the question about "how you have got here", which you have asked yourself so many times in your life prior to this moment.

Another point... while you are intensively thinking and wandering within your mind then you are not fully aware and you are not present here and now. It simply means that if you are in your mind then you are not here and you literally miss your life. You are here but you are not at the same time. Your body is here but you are in your mind. So you live within the illusionary life of your mind and you miss the real life which is here in the physical.

What I mean by saying that "miss your life here" I do not mean that you miss is completely because you are in your body and there is always a certain degree of connection with the physical world - more or less until the moment when you die, which is the complete cut off with this physical reality ).

Think about here... every time when you are within the illusions of your mind you are not fully aware of what is here. You are also not fully aware of yourself. And you are not fully experiencing every moment of your life here.

Is it important though ?

Well... the real value of the awareness of every moment of life in here and experiencing it to the fullness cannot be shown and cannot be bought with money. It can neither be substituted with anything else ( e.g. virtual reality ). Everybody must experience it for themselves. And only then everybody will be able to realise the preciousness and real value of it.

So practice being here. Use the breath to anchor yourself to your body and the physical reality of here. Normally it is not an easy process and it will require a lot of dedication, patience, self-discipline and time ( years or decades ). But as I said you will never know how it is until you do it. And once you do it then you will have the possibility to decide if you want to return to the limitations of the mind. but I doubt that you would like to do it.



Written: 2014 - June - 25   Published: 2014 - July - 14      © Copyright 2014 - Greg Wiater