My life without watching porn - update

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

7. Masturbation ( just like alcohol, drugs, sex etc. ) is something that can become an addiction. Yes... I know that many of you may be surprised by this statement but this is very true and in reality this is a big problem for many people in this world ( more often men rather than women but yet it affects both ). I have heard few times already that the scientists and the doctors say that daily masturbation and ejaculation improves the general condition ( count and the "strength" ) of the sperm. But I do not agree with this statement at all. I am neither the scientists nor the professor of the medicine but if I look at the facts like general state of the human body then I do not see that our species get stronger and better bodies... do you ? Who said that we should have higher count of sperm cells per certain volume ? Who said that the sperm cells should be moving at certain speed ? And thus instead of seeing new born babies with stronger "genetics" I see people justifying their addiction to masturbate daily ( also more than once a day ) with this "bullshit" argument given by the doctors. The scientists did not take into account every element and dimension when they did their experiment and they do not realise that the statement is all influenced by their ego. Look... the ego always wants more and more and quicker and thus the ego of the scientists believes that it needs more sperms cells which move quicker. Thus as I said above; masturbation has become an addiction for many people. But they don't see it and instead they believe that daily masturbation is something normal and natural. And then it is very easy to justify masturbation while watching porn as something normal and innocent. But it is not.

8. Another interesting discovery and realisation that came up recently is that once I stopped abusing my body with excessive masturbation ( also while watching porn ) and once my sexuality started "to get healed" gradually then also my penis gets erected much easier and the erection is stronger. It is also more natural. It did not change instantly and it took some months before I noticed the change but now I can see it and it is cool. You'll see... there are many men who have problem with the erection. And they try to fix this problem with their doctors or with magic "blue pills" ( Viagra ). But in the end it is only another way of treating the symptoms instead of treating the real cause of the problem. You come with the belief that you must be able to get erection any time you want and when it doesn't happen then you go to see your doctor. But it doesn't work this way. Well... some people may be able to get erection very easy. And some may be able to have sex every day. But if they do it in the abusive way then sooner or later they will pay price for it. And thus as some point in their life they may not be able to get erection anymore. Thus do not panic when you cannot get erection every day. But when it happens that you must use porn to do it then I recommend that you start to investigate your life and your mind because there is some big problem in you and your sexual expression.

To be continued...



Written: 2014 - May - 11   Published: 2014 - May - 26      © Copyright 2014 - Greg Wiater