How to stop sexual abuse of women and men ?

I am catching up with posting online my articles. I moved to a new place and I was without fixed internet access for almost a month. I was also very busy with work and that is why I got this big delay with posting online. Though I did not skip a single day with writing my articles.

Thus to stop the sexual abuse is not about making demonstrations and implementing official laws. Although it would be something important but we must also remember that usually the lawyers and the politicians are those who pay for the services of prostitutes - and in this way contributing towards the sexual abuse - because they are better positioned within the system as they have more money. And thus this would be hypocrisy. Each and every one of us must realise on the personal level that the prostitution is not a fair exchange of services of money and then stop doing it. "Pressure in your balls" indicates that you have problem within you and it requires correction within you. Going to the prostitute is nothing else but treating the symptoms and not dealing with the cause of the problem and at the same time you contribute to the abuse.

Now... another thing which supports sexual abuse is watching pornography. And now you may ask:

"How the hell watching porn supports sexual abuse ?"

You'll see... It is not so much about watching the images or films of other people having sex ( although this has also its own dimension ). It is more about the fact that we do know there reasons why somebody is posing in front of the camera. Most of the time people do it for money or the same as the prostitutes they are being forced to do it under the threat of violence. And you don't really know who is doing this out of "free will" and who is being forced to do it. But you'll see... not knowing doesn't take the responsibility of you. Quite often you don't want to know because of the "pressure in your balls" and thus you'll find excuses and justifications to make yourself feel better about doing something which you know that it is causing harm to others. Literally as you make yourself to turn your head away from seeing the problem believing that this takes away the responsibility from your. It is not. You are still responsible and you will be the subject to the consequences.

To be continued...



Written: 2014 - March - 30   Published: 2014 - April - 07      © Copyright 2014 - Greg Wiater