Spanish corporations supporting war

I am catching up with posting online my articles. I moved to a new place and I was without fixed internet access for almost a month. I was also very busy with work and that is why I got this big delay with posting online. Though I did not skip a single day with writing my articles.

Now... apart from stopping using the services of the company which is unfair and it is using the techniques of war and abuse to gain profit instead of using peaceful techniques by offering better customer service I have also decided to write about my experience and share it with other people because I know that there are many people who go through the same situations and in the end they are being abused. This specially applies to the place where I live because here there are many foreigners coming in and decide to live here and usually they don't speak the native language as good as I do and they don't expect that they will be treated in this manner by the Spanish telecommunication corporations. And thus quiet often they go into anger and other emotional turmoil within their mind and although it seems small and insignificant in the end it influences the whole world.

Thus my intention through sharing my knowledge and experience with Spanish telecommunication companies is to try to reduce the energetic friction within the minds of people who are being abused by Spanish corporations like Movistar which use and apply techniques of war to gain profit.

Now... here is another important suggestion about how to stop supporting war. Spanish corporations like Movistar are business entities which employ people and then represent this corporation and participate in the war which runs Movistar. Movistar would not exist without people working for it. And thus if I would work for Movistar I would try to finish working for them and find another work. If that would not be possible I would not lie to the clients and tell them what is true and what is not true when signing the contract instead of trying to hook up the customers to get better and higher commission.

You'll see... in the end it is not really the Movistar as a corporation and business entity who fucks with other people and is abusing other people but it is us who literally fuck and abuse our neighbors. In our desire to get more money we accept the conditions of Movistar and thus we participate in the war and through this we are directly responsible for all the consequences of this war.

Another way of stopping the support for a corporation which runs the war, is to stop investing and buying their shares on the stock market. In the past I used to trade on the stock market myself and I know from experience that in my desire to make money and profit I never investigated what the company does and how it treats its customers, employees and the environment. And the fact is that whenever I invest my money into the buying stock of a certain company on the stock market I am accepting and giving my support to everything that it is doing. And thus if it is abusing others and it is running a competitive war which brings suffering and pain then I am literally responsible for all the consequences of it. Thus if I was in a position of investing now in the stock market it should be obvious to you by now that I would not invest my money into Movistar. And obviously before I would invest my money into other company I would investigate first whether this company is supporting peace and the solutions which is best for all.

To be continued...



Written: 2014 - March - 16   Published: 2014 - April - 05      © Copyright 2014 - Greg Wiater