How to stop and reverse cold and flu without medicine

I am catching up with posting online my articles. I moved to a new place and I was without fixed internet access for almost a month. I was also very busy with work and that is why I got this big delay with posting online. Though I did not skip a single day with writing my articles.

I see on the street that there are many more people affected by the same symptoms of cold and flu.

Anyway... this morning the symptoms got much worse than in the last 3 days. I thought: "shit... I will have to go through the whole cycle and maybe even I will have to get the medication from the doctor". You know... I don't like it and I would prefer not to do it but at the same time there is no point in being stubborn ( just because it is a medicine from the doctor ) is something works and supports my body. But then I remembered that I saw once on Facebook a post saying that onions are excellent remedy for people who have caught a cold. So I thought: "let's go for it". I went to the supermarket and I bought 2 inions and 2 heads of garlic.

Later I cut 1 onion in half and I have placed it on the plate next to my bed and I cut 4 slices out of the other half. Then I put 2 halves of garlic on top of each slice of onion and I have put it under my feet enclosed in the plastic bag and a sock to keep it in place. I kept it there for about 20 min. I have also stuck 2 halves of garlic clove into my nose. Garlic is a natural antibiotic and I thought that this way the tiny particles will be carried with the air directly to the infected throat and the lungs.

After 20 min I put new slices of onion with garlic under my feet and have kept them there for about 2 hours. This time though I did not keep garlic in my nose. The condition in my body started to improve slightly but still I was not too good. Then I went to prepare something to eat and afterwards I put again new slices of onions under my feet.

Today I did not plan to work but I was put in a situation when it was rather difficult to refuse it and thus I ended up working. But in the end it was not such a bad decision because my condition was steadily improving. At some stage I have even thought that the onions and garlic made a real miracle because it seemed that all my symptoms have gone away. But now it is after midnight and unfortunately the cough has intensified and my nose feels a little bit constricted and blocked.

It very late now but still I am planning to put 2 halves of the clove of garlic into my nose for about 20 min and breathe deep while lying in my bed.

I forgot to mention that in between I drank water. Not too much though - about 4 cups within the period of 5 hours. But obviously this would depend on where you live, whether it is hot or cold weather and whether your body is dehydrated or not.

To be continued...



Published: 2014 - April - 03      © Copyright 2014 - Greg Wiater