How to make a new year really happy ?

Sooo... here we are at the end of the 2013. When I am writing this article almost half of the world has already celebrated their new year. You know... parties, getting together with friends, watching fireworks, wishing each other "happy new year" etc.

In the end it is all the same as it used to be last year... and the year before... and the year "before before" etc. We wish each other happy new year but are we really happier than the year ago ? Have our wishes become real ? Have a look honestly at your life and tell me whether your year was really happy because of all the wishes that you have received ?

I know that this is a certain "nice" tradition but what is the point of continuing with the tradition if it doesn't bring anything constructive. As a matter of fact I could present you with real facts to prove that this tradition is rather negative and brings a lot of damage instead. But let's omit this point today and focus on something different like how to make the "new year" happy for real.

Thus what have you done to make this last year happy to all of these people to whom you have wished "happy new year" last year ?

Well... look at this... it has been proven already that the act of wishing something to somebody doesn't make it happen. It is kind of nice idea ( wishing others happy new year ) but if nobody does anything to make it happen then it will stay as this idea never manifested in the real world. And here I repeat my question again...

What have you done practically in this world to make this last year happy for all of these persons to whom you have wished it ?

If you have done something then you should really be proud of yourself. But unfortunately majority of people just speak these words ( "happy new year" ) automatically either because it is tradition or because everybody else does it but later they forget about it until the next year.

Obviously nothing really changes in between because we continue with our lives doing our shit and as I said before we do the same year after year after year. Thus... if you really wish others "happy new year" then do something practical to make it happy for them. Don't just throw your words in the wind.



Published: 2013 - December - 31      © Copyright 2013 - Greg Wiater