Many people prefer to be sick rather than healthy

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

If you ask somebody a question if they would like to be healthy they would immediately answer that yes. And thus it doesn't make sense what I say in the title... does it ?

But you know... the reality behind it is actually exactly as I say. People don't want to get better because they are lazy or they have hidden self interest to be sick.

I say it because I see it in real life. There is a big percentage of people who come to my praxis but they don't follow the rehabilitation program as I tell them. I usually do a treatment for them and later I give them set of exercises which they should continue to do at home. But they either do nothing or only some of it. And this is not effective. And sometimes I find out later that they go to another therapist who does 10 or even 20 treatments for them and s/he literally does the exercises for them. Or they go to the doctor who prescribes them the pills or schedules them for an operation.

Well... this is their choice !!!

But this is not all which makes me to say that people don't want to get healthy.

Sometimes I get phone calls from people who are sick and they ask me about my treatments and prices etc. I don't work with the health insurance companies and thus my patients have to pay for it out of their pocket which in some cases it not possible for them to do because together with their sickness is accompanied by financial problems. This may happen because these people cannot work etc. And I understand it. But because I don't like to see people suffer thus in some cases I offer them my services for free. Well... at least I offer them to analyse their case and give them advice on what they must do themselves.

But you know what ?

We make an appointment and later they cancel it. Out of these people who are invited to come to see me for free there is a big percentage of people who cancel the appointment.

Why ?

They don't admit it but they have resistance to get better because they have some hidden interest to be sick. For example some people want to be a victim. Some people want the extra attention of others. Usually there is some emotional problem behind it hidden in the subconsciousness. Obviously they don't see it very easy but I do.

Thus you see... it is not that people in this world cannot be healed out of their sickness. Many of them simply don't want to get better. I have seen it and I have proven it ( which is sad but true ) on multitude of occasions. And now I really think twice before I decide to offer somebody my treatments and services for free. But it is not because I am greedy bastard.



Published: 2013 - December - 21      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater