Depression, suicide and quick recovery

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

Yesterday I felt said and a little bit depressed because it looks like my new business venture is not functioning as easy as it was planned and I will have to face extra expenses in the next couple of months ( unless it starts to function better ). When I say extra expenses I mean that I will be working to cover my bills with little left over. And this is not the thing that I need in the moment because I have been working very hard over the last year or so and I need some rest.

Anyway... although my depression has not turned into the suicidal thinking mode I got a news today that one of my friends ended up in the emergencies after trying to kill himself. This situation has got me to think about the suicide, how and why people do it. And I have looked at my current situation when I work hard and I try my best to get more money by offering quality services to people but yet it is not so easy and I literally have to almost beg people to benefit for my skills so that their life is easier and better. And it shouldn't be this way. This shouldn't be that hard. It should be easy. You are good at something and people should come asking with gratitude for help.

Unfortunately this is not the case in the current system and we must literally trick and manipulate potential customers to use our services. And if you are not good with this point then usually you have to struggle. And when this struggle is going on for too long and too much then we have people who start to enter the suicidal thinking mode and some of them actually do it.

Suicide seems very tempting in those moments for many people and the driving force behind this temptation is the illusion that after the death all of the problems will stop. Is some way this is true because then the person doesn't have to struggle anymore to get the money to pay for the invoice and deal with all other problems. But within this people who commit suicide don't realise one thing... this whole situation with the struggle and suicide is the result and consequence of the creation ( current system ) which we have all ( people ) created and allowed. Thus each and every one of us is directly and indirectly responsible for all that is happening here. And thus the suicide and this forced death will cut the obligation to pay for the invoices but it will not take off the responsibility of the person for creation of this abusive system. And unfortunately the person will somehow have to face this point and correct it within himself. And unfortunately it is not going to be easy or easier than doing it here on earth.

How do I know it ?

It is just the matter of using logic and common sense.

Thus having understanding of all of this I have stopped my sadness and depressive thoughts and I simply move forward and I will do what is necessary and practical towards changing the current system from abusive into what is best for all... Living Income Guaranteed.



Published: 2013 - October - 27      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater