How women abuse men ?

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

This article is based on a real story of a person who is in the process of divorce with his wife.

Men are physically stronger and thus for them it is "easier" to abuse women because most of the women cannot defend themselves when it comes to direct confrontation with angry men. This problem of abuse women by men is actually quite big which we can say just from looking at the official statistics showing the number of the cases registered by the police. But there are also many women who don't report it at the police or don't say even a word about it to their friends out of shame or even out of fear of being further punished by their men if he found out that his wife told about it somebody else ( within this group there are women from Arab countries in which the abuse of women by their men is accepted as normal ) and thus the official statistics could be easily multiplied maybe even 10 times to get the real picture about the scale of this problem.

To control and manage this problem somehow there have been implemented laws with the intention to protect women. And thus in some countries it is enough that a woman reports the abuse to the police by even making a simple phone call and the man will be penalized or even sentenced to prison if backed up with the proof or confirmed by a witness.

And this is all cool but...

Within this law protecting women, there are many women who abuse that law and use it to abuse and take advantage of men. And usually many men can do very little even though they are completely innocent...

To be continued...



Published: 2013 - September - 21      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater