Human as an electro-magnetic system which can be manipulated

I am writing this article about the human body as an electro-magnetic system because it was something new for me to look at the human body from this perspective. And it is that I ( we ) almost always think about the human body as a body. The body is the body and that's it. But I was thinking today about the human body as something that continuously generates and emits electromagnetic signals and this can be easily measured by the scientists with their instruments.

And then I was thinking that if the body is like a magnet then it must also follow the same rules as the magnet. And thus for example the magnets ( bodies ) will either attract or repel themselves. Of course this kind of attraction or repelling will not be so easily seen as we have seen when we play with 2 pieces of magnet at home but it must exist. But here I should also point out that people use the terminology of the magnets when they see somebody and they say that he or she is very attractive. We tend to use this word with different meaning but it has also the meaning of being attracted to somebody like a magnet. Apart from the law of attraction and repelling we have also the law then when the small magnets will join themselves together then they will form one big magnet which magnetic field is much stronger. And then we have more than 6 billion people in this world which generate the electromagnetic field and this field influences the whole planet.

Now... another thing that I was thinking in regards to the magnetic field generated by the human body was that this magnetic field could be intentionally manipulated. And here I am talking about manipulations on the small scale ( between 2 beings ) as well as manipulating this field on a global scale. Look... let say that we have a release of a new movie in the cinemas around the world and people become very sentimental etc. while watching the movie. And then people start to have thoughts and emotions which generate the specific electro-magnetic field which becomes very strong because we have many people around the world generating the same magnetic frequencies of emotions. The same applies with the horror movies etc.

Now... because humans almost always think about money then I am sure that somebody uses this intentionally to make profit and manipulate big number of population for various other purposes.



Published: 2013 - April - 26      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater