Miracle pills and cures

The doctors and the researcher have always been trying to find this special pill which would cure the patients from their maladies. There are many of them who have sincere intentions of helping people but also in the last few decades there have come into play an element of wanting and desiring to be famous and rich achieved through finding this special cure for these serious disorders and diseases.

Now... based on my studies, experience and common sense I would say that this is never going to be successful. I mean there will be people ( researchers, doctors etc. ) who from time to time will be able to become rich and famous because of their discovery but this will be because they were lucky or they had a proper marketing team and enough money from pharmaceutical companies to promote his pill effectively on the market by convincing people that this pill does the cure. But in the end there will be always exemptions and there will be side effects.

Why ?

The reason for it is that the sickness is the result of many causes which through accumulative effect manifest themselves as a disorder within the body. The sickness is a multidimensional manifestation while most of the researches and doctors focus their whole attention on finding and isolating this one particular element which causes the sickness and the problem and believe that through giving the patient a specific chemical substance they will be able to correct all of the dimensions which are part of the sickness. Thus to make it clear... the doctors and the researchers believe that there is a possibility to find and isolate one dimension ( chemical element ) which is the cause of the whole chain reaction manifested as specific disorder within the body. But this is never going to be effective in the long term. There will be always exemptions and there will be always side effects.

To heal the person from any kind of disease, it must be taken into consideration and corrected all of the dimensions which have manifested the disease and many of the dimensions can be only corrected by the patient himself. Thus it is impossible to find a chemical substance which would do the absolute and miracle healing.



Published: 2013 - April - 24      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater