How do we support war without being a soldier

If you were a soldier at the front line then you would be directly involved in the war but in this article I will show you how you are also participating in the war and supporting it - although indirectly but still you are part of the war. This is also a proof that everything in this world is interconnected and each individual has an impact on what is happening in the world despite the fact that most of us use a saying: "what can such a small person like me to do something to change the world ?".

1. You have elected the president which supports war. 2. You work in the factory which produces guns - I know that you may have an excuse that you need to earn money to survive but this is also how you are participating and allowing the war. 3. You work in a business which provides other goods and services for the army - this could be anything: food, uniforms, flags, technical parts for electronics etc. 4. You have family members who are directly and indirectly participating in the war and you accept what they are doing as if that was normal. 5. You are working directly for your president by providing any kind of goods or services related to his job as president. 6. You buy shares on the stock market of the companies which produce or provide goods and services for the army. 7. You participate in the parades and special events honoring soldiers and war veterans. 8. You play war games on the computer. 9. You watch films about wars and you admire those war heroes who save the world. 10. Every time you participate in any kind of violent, aggressive conflict ( could be words, physical fight, violent thoughts in your mind ) without finding the peaceful and constructive solution, you are generating energy, which accumulates with the energy from other people and later it manifests itself as big wars on the global scale. 11. Participating in events like bull fighting, dog fighting, chicken fights etc. 12. Others.

I know that this approach of mine seems to be very strict and not very common but the fact is that you have a direct choice to whom you are selling your products and provide your services. If you provide it for those who are directly involved in the war, you are also responsible for the war and all the shit as a result of it. There is no discussion about it.

But then you may ask the question: "if almost everything what I am doing supports the war then what should I do to survive in this world ?".

Well... this is why we have wars because most of us give this kind of questions without really investigating what can be done practically to support peace instead of war. And because it seems "easier" and more "comfortable" to continue the lifestyle that you have, then you simple do nothing to change anything.

To be continued...



Published: 2013 - April - 22      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater