Business Plan for the war in Syria

Thus let's continue with the story about the business plan and the war in Syria...

War is a very expensive business and whenever the developed countries prepare for war they must make a detailed planning of costs because later the politicians must approve the budget. And this is a one part of the business plan ( the costs ).

And where is the profit ?

Openly nobody really talks about the profit because this would certainly piss off the people and then who knows what would happen with the politicians. Thus to avoid the protests, nobody really talks about the part of the business plan which mentions the profit. But I am telling you that this part exists also but it is kept in secret.

How do I know it ?

It is a common sense. Most of the humans always thinks about making profit and it happenes that some of them make profit through the war because it gives them beter return then other business. And apart from this it is all over the internet and on Facebook about it. The war in Iraq was fabricated and we know the reason for it was the oil ( $$$ ). It was nothing to do with the weapons of mass destruction which have never been found but it was all about the oil and few other elements ( democracy ). Oil was the reason for war in Libya as well ( $$$ ).

Then we have the war in Afghanistan. We can also find on internet information that there is one of the richest deposits in the world of the rare minerals ( $$$ ) and thus it is easy to connect the dots that the war was manipulated to get to these minerals. And somebody will make a huge profit counted in trillions of dollars. Of course under condition that the Afghans allow it because they are very tough and they don't allow the Americans to get their country so easy. And so we could continue with the list of wars ( including World War 2 ) in which somebody has made huge profit.

Syria is a little bit different. There has been war in there for the last 2 years and many people have died and will die but the international community is not so happy to intervene and stop the bloodshed. I guess you should realize by now why there is no peace mission from United Nations or USA in Syria. They don't have so many valuable resources and thus it will not be possible to cover the costs of intervention in the future. And there will be no profit ( the second unspoken element of the business plan ) and thus nobody will invest into this country.

But you have to remember that when it comes to big projects, the corporations ( businessmen ) prepare a business plan with many options. And I will continue in the next article about the other options of the business plan for war in Syria.

To be continued...



Published: 2013 - April - 20      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater