Tragedy of Boston Bombing

If you search for images on internet regarding Boston bombing you will be able to find many uncensored images showing the results of the explosion of the bomb - open flash wounds, a lot of blood spilled on the pavement and we can also see a man with part of the leg being completely torn off and there is only part of the bone sticking out without any flash left over. This images are quite shocking and normally the newspapers and TV doesn't show this kind of images to the public. But we are living in the era of social media and people share these images freely online and this way they are getting round the world without any censoring whatsoever.

Now... as I said these pictures are very shocking and I feel sorry for the people who are directly affected by the bombing because this is a real horror and I don't wish it to anybody but at the same time there is a very important message here for humanity. These pictures show uncensored reality of our world and we can see what our world is all about and what we have allowed.

But don't just stop here on Boston bombing incident. This kind of horror is happening in many places around the world - Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine, many African countries and the list can go on much longer. The official media ( TV, newspapers ) - for various reasons don't show images with dead bodies ( including children ) torn in pieces and blood spilled everywhere. It is being censored and you don't see. But the fact is also that you don't see it because you don't want to see it because you want to live in your bubble of new age positivity where everything is happy and beautiful and the god and his angels take care of you so that you don't even get a scratch on your smooth and soft skin. This is the fact that you don't want to see it. You prefer to stay in ignorance saying that it is bliss.

But this time is different. We live in the era of social media and people will show the images of this kind of incidents without censoring. The newspapers will continue their censorship for all of those who still insist on maintaining their happy bubble but we will have more and more photos of real reality in this planet.

Now... if have got shocked by the images of Boston bombing then maybe this will wake you up from your ignorant bliss. Maybe you will realize that the same horror is happening in many other places around the world. And the world is not as beautiful as it is being written in the new age books about positive thinking. This horror is happening in every place where there is war, terrorist attack and not only. Thus wake up and start doing something to stop it and prevent it.

Because if you don't do it then who will ?



Published: 2013 - April - 18      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater