Big Boobs - PIP implants scandal

Today in France has opened a trial of 5 executives of a firm which supplied thousands of faulty breast implants. The implants were made from low quality silicone which raptures easier then the high quality silicone and once it breaks and leaks within the breast it poses a high risk for the health of the person.

Of course people are really pissed of about it and especially all the women who have done the breast enlargement operation and who's implants have already broken. And I can understand it because in this case somebody has endangered other people's life for the sake of making bigger profit.

Ok... that is enough for now... there is not point for me to write another article about something that has been already written in almost every newspaper around the world. And let's focus on something that most of the people miss within this whole situation. And I have one question:

Why the fuck have you let somebody put that shit into your body ?

We all know the answers:
1. because I wanted to be more feminine
2. because men didn't find me attractive with small breast
3. because my boyfriend asked me to do it
4. because otherwise my boyfriend would leave me
5. etc.

But these are the answers which we would get from women if we did a quick questionnaire on the street are automatic and very superficial and they don't really explain the real reason "why ?". Because the real why is :
Big Boobs - PIP implants scandal 1. low self esteem
2. self comparison
3. competition
4. inferiority
5. programming done by the society and media
6. manipulation
7. fear of survival
8. etc.

Most of women have this kind of problems but they don't want to admit it. As always we are playing the victim and we are trying to find a way to blame somebody out there but never reflect it all back to us and take responsibility for the shit which we have created and allowed in the first place. Now... you may sue and put in jail for 5 years ( this is the maximum sentence which the 5 executives can get ) the people who made the low quality implants but that doesn't change anything about you because you still have the syndrome of inferiority, fear of survival, low self esteem, ego etc. and as long as you don't transform it within you, you will go and do another stupid thing ( e.g. face lift or liposuction ) and you will regret it later.



Published: 2013 - April - 17      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater