Disappointment with Barak Obama in USA

I am not American and I don't live in USA and I really don't have any reason to make any judgments but the fact is that I can see on my wall on Facebook a lot of stuff indicating that people are now disappointed with their president. And I have a friend from America who had tears when Obama was elected for the first time for president because my friend believed that Barak is the man to make the change in USA and the world.

And what do we have today ?

The crisis is still not fixed, there is a lot of poverty in USA, crime, poor health care, Obama has increase national debt despite the electoral promises that it will be less during his presidency, USA is still involved in war around the world and Obama as a Peace Nobel Prize winner doesn't do anything to stop killing of innocent people ( including children ) with the drones attacks.

Now... as I said I am not here to judge neither Americans nor Barak Obama. I just want to indicate that nobody should be surprised that nothing has really changed for better in USA. Obama like other politicians ( previous presidents ) makes promises to get the votes and later he says literally "fuck off". But of course it is also important to remind that Obama had supporters ( corporations and banks ) who sponsored his electoral campaign and of course he must somehow pay it off by implementing appropriate laws so that these corporations can get their money back and also make huge profit. I guess this is not a secret and nobody should be surprised about it. You should be only surprised with yourself that you have fallen again stupidly for false and empty promises of politicians who needed your electoral vote. It happened before and it will happen in the future.

So what should we do about it ?

I will not tell you exactly what should be done but I will ask you a question: "if you stopped believing politicians and instead started to do something to make the change in your country and in the world, would something change then ?". Because at the moment you are waiting that somebody ( politicians ) else makes all the changes for the better while you are have your ass on a comfy sofa watching TV which programs into you a lot shit and one of them is preparing you for the next presidential elections so that you fall again into the trap and give a vote on a politician who will tell you all that you want to hear but after the election he will do nothing about it. Yes... the media is being used intentionally and cleverly to program you and manipulate you and you don't even realize that.

Thus use the time that you have now - because you still have more than 3 years to the next presidential elections - and think what will you do then. Choosing another politician sponsored by banks and corporations is not going to change anything in the world ( at least not for the better ). So maybe you will move your ass off the sofa and you will do something yourself ? If you feel that as an individual you cannot be very efficient then maybe you should join a group of people who are already working together towards the change. It is a fact that in a group it is easier to get things done. Then maybe you should join us at Desteni Group ? It is your choice but one thing is for sure... if you don't do anything yourself then nothing is going to change and if you continue hoping that the next president will make things better you are literally stupid.



Published: 2013 - April - 14      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater