Realizing that the day has 24 hours

My realization is not so much about the 24 hours in a day but it is more related to the realization that within that time I can only do so many things. There is a limit and I can only do so much within that period.

And I did not want to accept it and I wanted to defy it. How ? Simply I wanted to do too many things at the time and I was taking too many responsibilities on myself. And of course there can be only done so much within the period of one day and to make the time for it I have been taking the time of my other daily tasks like cleaning, preparing food etc. It is not that I was living in a complete mess or I was waling hungry but I was giving no importance to this tasks and I was trying to skip them or do them later. In the end they are part of this physical reality. And because they are part of this reality thus why fight them ? Why ignore them ? Why not enjoy doing them ?

And this is my realization. And today I have decided to clean my home. But not in a hurry while getting frustrated that I cannot do my other things that I would like to do. I took my time without stressing myself. I looked up all my boxes and I threw out all unnecessary things that have been there for years and I have never used them. I have cleaned my room and rearranged the furniture. Few times I had thoughts about the other things and responsibilities that I should be doing but I have stopped the thoughts and I focused on cleaning my room.

In the end I have spent almost all day doing it and I did not do anything else but the point was that I have not fought the reality of having 24 hours a day and within that period I can do so much and this includes certain responsibilities of cleaning my home, preparing food, taking care of my body etc. I did clean my home and I didn't have time to do anything else. But that is fine because tomorrow I will do the things that I want to do. And I will enjoy it even more because I am very pleased with how my room looks now ( with rearranged furniture ) and I will enjoy doing the things that I like so much.

To be continued...



Published: 2013 - February - 16      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater