Sick and forced to work

How many people in this world are sick and instead of resting and taking care of themselves they must work because otherwise they will not be able to survive ( paying for house, electricity, food, medicine, doctors etc. ) ?

This is the fact which I have to face myself. I am being sick but I still have to do many things to rearrange my life, get a new job, organize new home etc. Not really that much time to rest and relax. And my case is not the worst one because at least I have friend and family who help me. But even though they help me I am still bound with many responsibilities.

And what about those who have no support or help and as a matter of fact they have to take care of their whole family ? Pretty fucked up... isn't it ? But I guess for most of you ( who are able to read this article ) this is just another article and if you can read it then most probably you are positioned very well in this world and you have money. But I am telling you that there are many people in this world who are not fortunate like you are. They struggle and suffer and the current system doesn't give shit about them. And I guess most of you reading this article also don't give a shit about it ??? Because if you did then you would be working and doing something to change it.

Anyway this is my current reality. It is nothing pleasant but I will walk through it, face it and deal with it. I am also responsible for it because I have not done enough to change it before and now I am facing the consequences of it. I will get better and I will work to change the current system until it is done - EQUAL MONEY SYSTEM.



Published: 2013 - February - 10      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater