How do I recognize that I am making progress in my process ?

I didn't have access to internet in the last few days and I need to post the other articles first. Thus I am posting my article today.

Being in the process of change ( the real change ) is not something that will happen in an instant. Well... there will be moments when you suddenly click and you get certain important realization but this click is the result of patient work with yourself which usually takes long time. And quite often your steps are so tiny that it seems that you are not going anywhere. But this is only the illusion of your mind which always wants the things to be done fast and now and with as least effort as possible. And this is one of the signs indicating that you actually progressing in your process but it will not be easy to recognize it so easy at first.

Another important sign - and this one will be easier to see - which will indicate to you that you are progressing in your process is, that once you start digging in and searching for the truth, you will have to deal with a lot of shit coming at you. And this is actually the truth that you have been looking for because this shit is all that you have accepted and allowed to exist inside of you. But because you didn't want admit it, thus you have suppressed it and you have covered it with some fake but beautiful beliefs and illusions. And once you start looking for the truth this shit will be coming at you. And at first you will be surprised because you have created a belief that you will dig into the gold mine ( which is the belief formed within your mind ) and because you are not prepared for it and you don't know how to deal with it, thus you will feel overwhelmed. And it can actually take you some time before you realize that this is your own shit which you have created and allowed to exist within you and later it will take you time before you realize how to deal with it effectively. And thus this shit will be coming at you and there will be moments when you would wish to come to the old. You will wish that you have had never started this process at all. And the reason for it is that although you know that you don't like it 100% ( the old to which you want to come back ) but at least you know how to deal with it and make your life to certain extent comfortable within that. And thus you will have this kind of thoughts within your mind ( like a temptation ) because it seems to be easier rather then working hard while digging in the shit that smells really bad.

This shit that I am taking about will take on different forms. For example you will get sick, you will loose your job, friends, family etc. This particular sign of a change and progress within your process will be - as I said before - easy to notice but at first you will not see and understand that it is a normal consequence of the real changes that you make within you.



Published: 2013 - January - 25      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater