1 day left to the end of the world

Last day before the end of the world and the world around me is the same as yesterday. And in some parts of the world ( New Zeland, Australia etc ) they already have the 21st - the famous date which marks one of the greatest hoax in the recent history of humans.

Thus we will not see the apocalypse, nor shift into another dimension and we will not meet the aliens. Yes... the aliens supposed to be also part of this whole story. They were suppose to help humanity to go through the transformation process. Because after the 3 days of darkness, change of the rotation of Earth, the destruction caused by earthquakes and tsunamis, and the blow up of all the electronic devices caused by the radiation from energies from the galactic equator, they were supposed to help those who survive the apocalypse. But I guess this is also a hoax and we are not going to meet the aliens. Maybe we will meet them some other time.

But I don't want to question or deny completely that all the information on internet about the sightings of UFO is fake. But we must remember that some of the sightings refer to the sighting of unusual flying objects with pertain to the army and governments. Look... the governments and the army always keeps things in secret from the public. Sometimes they show us the newest bomber plane invisible to the radars but this plane is not really that new. It is new to the public but I am sure that it has been in the service of the army already for many years. I am so sure about it. Thus I am certain that the army already has other planes, weapons etc, and they are being kept secret from the public and they will show it to us in 10 or 20 years.

Now... let's look at the nature of humans. We have tendency to make things bigger then they are - just like with the whole story about the Mayan calendar and the apocalypse. Thus let's say that somebody sees this unidentified flying object from the army in the sky, then he goes to search for something about it on the net and he finds a site, which talks about the aliens and then he makes his own stories about it and voila... Later he tells somebody else about it and that somebody else adds his own details and interpretations of it and later he counts this enriched version of that event to somebody else. And later we can hear about the next Apocalypse in the year 2020.

Thus on one hand we have governments and the army which keeps the secrets about their newest technology and we have public which likes to make things bigger then they are and likes to discuss and analyze various conspiracy theories. This mixture makes the things really fucked up.

I say again that I am not excluding the possibility of existence of aliens. I have no proof of their existence or non-existence. But I have heard that the governments have already found the wrecks of the alien ships which have stayed for various reasons on Earth and could not get out of here. It all make sense if we look at the advance of the technology in the last few decades which could be due to the fact that the scientists used the technologies from these ships to make our computers, microchips etc. But as long as we vote for governments which are allowed to keep secrets form the people, it will be difficult to know what is true and what is not.



Published: 2012 - December - 20      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater