2 days left to the end of the world

I am sitting in a cafe working with the computer. There are other people having coffee, tea, eating sandwich etc. Everything seems to be normal, at peace. At least in the place where I am right now because other people are in their offices, others are sleeping because there is a night in their time zone, others are getting drunk at the parties, others pan how to commit a crime, others are on the street trying to sell their bodies to have money for survival or to have luxury lifestyle, others are selling drugs, others are fucking, other make a plan about their next multimillion investment, other are making plans about the war etc. But WTF... in 2 days there should be the end of the world, the apocalypse which has been predicted already thousands of years ago by the Mayans and so far nothing seems to be different.

Is it going to come in the last moment and is it going to happen in an instant ?

No... it is not going to happen although there still a lot of people who believe it and are awaiting it impatiently. But on the other hand I already see how one of my spiritual friends who was receiving a lot of messages ( similar to the other spiritual channelers ) about that event ( shift to another dimension ), is starting to realize that nothing is going to happen and he is coming back down to earth - he is starting to think again about the business plans for next year etc.

Thus we have only 2 days left to see the proof of human's stupidity. In 2 days we will see the end of one of the greatest hoax in the recent history of humanity. And you know what ? And afterwards we can go much further and start to ask more question abut the legitimacy of the religion and god. Because believing in god is in reality no different to believing in ascension, apocalypse, Mayan prophecy etc. There is no really proof that god is real. It is based on the belief of the persons who believe in it. I believe in god in the same way as I believe that there will be the end of the world. And once I accept this belief in me as me, I am trying to find a proof in the outer world that it is true. And thus we were trying to find in the outer world that the apocalypse is real - the energies from the galactic equator will make the transformation, the aliens will help us, the planetary alignment and Nibiru will activate the volcanoes and earthquakes etc. None of this is real but yet we have tried to find a confirmation in the outer world of our inner belief of the end of the world. But now there is a moment when we can see it clearly. But because we can see it clearly now, it doesn't mean that everybody will want to see it clearly because this is the nature of humans and the mind. We can make ourselves to believe whatever we want and through these beliefs we can continue to deny the facts of reality. These beliefs are like filters in front of our eyes, which change how we see the reality. Thus it is highly possible that there will be many people who will not want to give up their belief about the apocalypse and they will come up with other stories and will try to interpret unrelated events from the reality ( comets, meteors, hurricanes, earthquakes, natural disasters etc ) as a proof of their beliefs. And in this way they will continue living in the fantasy world.

In the case of catholic church and other religions there comes also another point. Apart from believing in unreal god in the sky, the filters in front of the eyes ( beliefs ) don't let us see the abuse and crimes committed by the priests. We simply cannot see it because of the filters in front of our eyes. And the greatest problem is that these filters are being placed there and maintained by each person and it is not so easy to remove them because the person doesn't see that he/she is the creator of these filters through own acceptance. Thus usually it is necessary a very strong and shocking experience to make a person to see the reality at least for the moment. And in these short moments the person may either do something about it and stop the creation of these filters through energetic participation or the person finds another silly excuse and continues ignoring the facts of reality.

Example... many people don't know that their priests have sex, they masturbate, they have children, they are homosexuals, they abuse sexually little children etc. because there is a filter in front of the eyes that their god would not allow it to happen. But unfortunately despite their belief this is happening and they continue ignoring the facts and the information that they hear from time to time. Now... the shocking experience is when they find out one day that their child has been raped by the priest. Some wake up in that painful moment but there are may who continue their faith in almighty god as always and it is very difficult to explain to them that it is not real.



Published: 2012 - December - 19      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater