Equilibrium mechanism within the body

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Whenever I talk and analyze the body and its function I also like to look at the same time at the body of earth ( the whole planet ) because I see almost always similarities in the functioning of human body and earth itself. In the end our body is made out of the dust of earth and we are closely connected with it. And all that we do to our bodies and how we treat them is exactly the same as we do to earth.

All that is happening with the human body when it gets sick is similar in nature to all that is happening on earth but this time the humans are the viruses which break the equilibrium and make the earth sick. Don't you see the analogy in it ? I have been observing it already for a long time and it all looks very similar. For example the cancer within the human body is a group of cells which use excessive amount of resources within the body for its own benefit and desire to grow infinitely. But within that desire they make the whole body sick and it eventually dies. And this exactly what humans do. We are greedy bastards who desire to get as many resources as possible for themselves so that our economy and our wealth can grow infinitely and through this we destroy the body of earth. And the moment we destroy earth we will also die which is exactly the same story as with the cancer... isn't it ?

Here are more similarities:
1. Cigarettes pollute the lungs and the factories pollute the air ( atmosphere ).
2. We use the medicine to treat the cancer and we use chemitrails to treat the sickness of the earth. Bit this is only treating the symptoms and it suppresses the natural self defense and self-healing mechanism within the earth.
3. The large cities are also like the benign tumors within the body - the cities are being built without taking into consideration if it is harmonious for the environment and later these cities grow into monstrous agglomerations which produce excessive amount of waste and put a lot of stress on the environment.
4. The climate change and the global warming is like the fever within the body which tries to heal itself and kill the viruses.

And there are many more similarities. The functioning of human body is very similar to the functioning of the body of earth and the way we treat our bodies is how we treat the earth. At the moment we are mainly abusing our bodies and that is exactly what we do to earth. But this cannot go forever. There comes always a critical point when the body cannot cope anymore with the overload of stress and pollution and it gets sick and dies. The same is going to happen to earth if we continue the way we go about it now and in that process we are going to die as well. It doesn't make sense at all but unfortunately this is what is happening on earth. Humans are short sighted and don't want to look at long term consequences of their actions. We are only interested in what makes us feel good in the moment and don't give the shit about the future. It is a very stupid approach but this is the reality of majority of people on earth. There are consequences of this type of behavior and we will face it in the near future unless we stop it and make the change.

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Published: 2012 - December - 01      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater