2012 prophecy

I didn't have access to internet yesterday thus I am posting my article today.

I want to remind all that we are living in year 2012. According to Mayan Calendar there should be the end of the times which some interpret as the end of the world.

Thus how does it all feel for you ?

There is only less then 5 months left and from what I see, it looks as if the world functions as normal while - according to prophecy - we should be preparing for the judgment day.

Thus what is the reality ?

What I see is that again - as in previous article - there is a certain psychological mind pattern behind it. It underlines various events ( predictions ) which at first seem to be different and unrelated but yet they are the same or at least similar. First somebody spreads the news ( prophecy ) about something big that will happen in the future, some of the people who hear it, take it seriously, quite often make it bigger then it is and create some sort of religion out of it. The more time there is left to the moment of happening ( prophecy ), usually the more important and mysterious people make it. And then when we are coming closer to the point when the prophecy is supposed to happen, then we have some few different reactions but in the end they are exactly the same in nature as in most of the prophecies which happened in the past.

Thus in the case of the 21 Dec 2012 we will see this kind of behaviors:
- some people will sell their houses and other things and spend the cash on some pleasures ( make holiday for few months, pay for sex with prostitute if they don't have partner etc. );
- some will buy houses in the mountains and store food supply for some months or even 1-2 years because according to some interpretations of the prophecy there will be huge tidal wave and all costal areas even up to 800 m above the sea level will be affected;
- some people will not be able to cope with the stress and pressure which - by the way - they have created themselves in their mind and some will simply get crazy and kill themselves and sometimes also others;
- some will slowly start to realize that nothing is going to happen and simply continue their life as usual;
- some will not give up even though nothing happens on the date and will continue to fool themselves; they will investigate if there was some sort of mistake in the interpretations of the prophecy and will find various excuses and explanations and will continue to believe that it will happen at some other time; they simply have believe it so strong that no matter what happens will not want to admit the error and will insist that the prophecy will happen at other date;
- there will be also people who will try to fit different events in the world which happened as a normal process into the prophecy; it is simply to prove to others that they were right so that they don't look stupid etc.;

To be continued...



Published: 2012 - August - 05      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater