Today is another day...

I woke up this morning and I started to do my breathing exercises. But I have also noticed that I am thinking intensely about what happened the day before and later my thoughts started to drift more and more towards events from the last weeks.

And suddenly I had a moment of WTF. I started to ask myself: "what are you doing Greg ?... you are here and now and you are thinking about the past". So I started to switch of my thoughts and focus on breath which helps me to bring myself back from the mind into my body here and now.

Now... this what has happened this morning I could not even call the realization because I have known about it already for many years. It is more like a reminder.

Anyway there are few important points to consider and not only for myself but for everybody. Once I think about the past I miss on being and living here in the moment. The past is already gone and cannot be changed but if I spend my time and energy on thinking about it then most probably I will recreate this past and it will become my future again. In all of this I miss on experiencing myself to the fullest in every moment and every breath of my life and me and everybody will only start to appreciate the importance and beauty of it once we start doing it and living it. Then we will never want to come back to the past.

- And how do I know it ?
- I just know it... it is because I have had moments when I was able to live it and experience it and apart from this for me it is common sense and logic.
- Thus why have I come back into doing something that I should not be doing anymore ?
- Well... it is a process which usually takes many years from the moment of realization and implementing it in life.



Published: 2012 - August - 01      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater