When I judge and blame others I become anxious

I didn't have access to internet yesterday thus I am posting my article today.

I have started to notice lately ( in the last few months ) that I am able to recognize easier and more rapidly when I enter into the cycle of judging and blaming others. Most of us do it and it is just a matter of how much time it takes us to recognize it.

Once you start working with self development ( for example myself I am doing the Structural Alignment Course with Desteni Group ) you will become more and more aware of this small and seemingly insignificant moments when just one thought or one action activates the whole cycle and the series of events, which in the end take you to a more or less unpleasant experience. And it is all activated and caused by this 1 thought to which you have given your energy not being aware of it.

Thus I have noticed that I am able to recognize more rapidly when I start judging someone. It is extremely important to learn to recognize it because once we start to see that we are in the middle of the cycle then we have the chance to do something about. Once we enter into the cycle it is not always possible to stop the cycle completely. Quite often it is already too late and we will have to experience all the consequences of it - in the end we are the ones who are responsible for it - and all that we can do is to learn something from this experience and not let it to happen next time. But on the other hand - if we recognize quickly that we are entering the cycle - we can do certain things to stop it and minimize the consequences.

In my particular case I have noticed that once I start to judge someone I have a lot of thoughts in my mind directed towards the person that I am judging and I quite often feel hurt and become anxious. But the moment I recognize it, I start to ask myself a question: "what does it tell me ? What does this experience is telling me about me ? What have I created here for myself ?" and I start to investigate the whole situation for myself and apply the correction if I see immediately what needs to be done to equalize myself.

Technically speaking it is all very simple but to get to the point when we are aware of the moments in which we enter into the cycles - we require some training and self dedication. But it is all possible and has been proven by me and others who are also doing Structural Alignment Course.

To be continued...



Published: 2012 - July - 26      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater