How to stop the destruction of nature

I went today for a jogging. I live on the outskirts of the city thus after 5 min of running I was already close to the forest and fields with green grass and multitude of colorful flowers. I was in the nature. After some time of running I have stopped and lied down in the grass to have some rest before the return run towards my home.

I was simply lying in the grass, breathing fresh air, looking at the blue sky and the clouds passing by, listening to the cycads, bees and other bugs. It was amazing and it didn't cost any money... hahahaha.

Now... there are too many people who live in the concrete cities, watch the tv, work or play long hours with the computers etc. and spend less and less time with the nature. And all of this carries with itself long term consequences.

1. First of all we loose a lot of fun and joy. I realize that for many ( too many ) people it doesn't make sense anymore that being in the nature without the computer and tv could be fun. But anyway this is the consequence of our consumerism and profit driven economy.

2. Through this isolation and separation we forget and loose the knowledge and understanding of how the nature functions and what are the critically important conditions for its ( nature ) health and balance. We somehow take the nature for granted, we believe that we can do anything we want ( pollution, deforestation etc. ) and on top of this we think that nature will be unaffected by what we do. But this is not the way it all functions. The nature and the whole planet functons like our human body. It is very flexible and can adopt itself to different conditions and situations but once we overwhelm it with rubbish and pollution, it becomes sick.

Thus I see only one possible solution. I see that it is necessary that everybody spends certain minimal period of time in and with the nature. But I am not talking only about having holiday in the luxury 5 star hotel in the mountains or on the tropical island. Every single person should be obliged to work for certain period of time on the farm, live in the forest, on the beach, in the mountains etc. so that they can directly experience it and feel it.

I would say that we should start first with the most influential people in this world - kings, queens, presidents, politicians, top executives of big companies etc. The minimal period of stay should be at least 21 days and then repeated every year or even every 6 months if necessary.

Lol... I know that it sounds a quite ridiculous but at the same time I know for sure that this would be very effective therapy. I know it because myself I go sometimes to sleep on the beach or in the nature for 1 night and I see how just 1 night makes me to look at things differently. Anyway... I know that it is going to be rather impossible to make the king to work on the farm for 21 days but at least try to do something yourself. Don't isolate yourself from the nature. Stop the express train of your life and take some time to spend it with the nature. You don't have to pay anything for it and you will be able to have fun and experience the joy which no money will ever buy you.

To be continued...



Published: 2012 - July - 22      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater