multiple personalities

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I am certain that almost all of us have heard about multiple personalities. But usually we associate this term with people who are heavily disturbed psychologically, they are being enclosed in psychiatric hospital and treated with heavy psychosomatic drugs. The reason for this is that these people quite often commit crimes without even remembering it ( other personality takes control of them ) and in general they become dangerous for society.

But apart from these extreme cases, the problem with multiple personalities applies to almost everybody if not all persons. The only thing is that the changes are very subtle and thus we don't notice it so easy. This shift between the personalities is not so easily visible to us but it is noticeable by people around us.

This is all very tricky because people around you notice the change in your behavior, tone of voice, you become angry out of nothing etc. but you don't see it and when they try to point it out to you, you will not understand what they want from you. You will think that you are the same as always and as a matter of fact you will say that the people around you are weird and that they have changed. Thus if they persist in pointing out or trying to prove that you have changed then you will "attack them", become aggressive, shout at them etc.

If it is so difficult to see the personalities shift in you, then is there anything we can do to learn to recognize it ?

First of all you must be humble and ready to accept that something like this exists in you because as long as you are insisting that you are always the same and that this is stupidity then you will not be able to see it and nobody will be able to teach you about it. You will have to go through extremely strong experiences in your life so that you start to see it. If you don't want to see it when it is subtle then you will have to experience it when it is strong.

Thus if you are ready to consider this possibility of multiple personalities in you, then there are few things which will help to recognize the change:

1. The breath is the best tool which will always help you recognize if there is a personality shift. If you are not aware of your breath then there is a big chance that you have changed.
2. If your friends or family is telling you that you have changed, then stop yourself from ignoring them or becoming angry at them. Look immediately at your breath.
3. If you start to see that your friends are weird then don't think immediately that it is them who has changed. Indeed... there is a possibility that they have gone into the state of personality shift but it is also possible that it is you who has changed.

Usually you will have only few short moments when you are a little bit more aware and then you have a chance to do something about it. Otherwise you will go through the whole cycle.



Published: 2012 - July - 20      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater