Disappointment with Barak Obama in USA

There comes a new presidential election in USA and there is a tough "battle" between the current president Barak Obama and his opponent Mitt Romney. I am not really following it closely because I am not an American citizen but I have seen on Facebook few photos showing complete disappointment with the current president. And it is very interesting to see it because I remember when 4 years ago my American friends had tears in their eyes when Obama became the president in USA. The reason for the tears was that he was the first black person being elected as an president and secondly Obama seemed to be a little bit different then other presidents and people have hoped that he will be able to change their country for better.

Well... the 4 year period is almost over and we can see that the hope of people has turned into huge disappointment - and I can see it on Facebook.

But myself I am not really disappointed with the whole situation. And you should not be either. One person will not be able to change the whole world. We are all part of it and thus we are all responsible for what is happening here. If we want to have better world everybody must participate in the change. Apart form this it is not possible to make all the changes within the period of 4 years. This whole disappointment is only the sign that people don't really understand how this world functions and still expect that somebody will come and make the change for them while they will keep watching TV at home.

Thus I suggest that you stop judging Barak Obama or any other politician. It would be much more beneficial if you start being active yourself and start doing something to change the world. If you know what needs to be done in the world better our current politicians then participate in the next political election and this way you will be able to implement in real life all that should be done according to you.

All that is happening now in USA with the disappointment with Obama is happening all the time all over the world. It has happened in other countries before. In the beginning people place a lot of hope in one person or political party and after 3-4 years period comes big disappointment.

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Published: 2012 - July - 16      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater