Thus my friend has hit his bottom, the shock has helped to open his eyes and he had a chance to make correction. He is doing it and it all looks very positive for him so far. But we cannot forget one thing. Once we let ourselves fall, we create certain consequences which not always can be changed. No matter how well my friend is dealing with the situation now, he has allowed a lot of shit to happen and now he will have to face the consequences of it.

For example he has lost the trust of his partner and although my friend would like to come back to his partner, it may not happen at all. The reason is that his partner has been disappointed so many times with his behavior and lack of responsibility, which by the way created a lot of problems for him, that he is afraid now to trust my friend again.

And this is just one example. Once we let ourselves fall, we create consequences which may not always be possible to reverse and repair. And the same is happening with our whole planet. Humanity in asleep and is in the process of fall. During this fall we create enormous consequences which carry the risk of total destruction of nature and the humanity itself. The lack of respect for life, lack of moral values, prioritizing ego, self-interest, abuse, profit at the cost of others leads us towards the doomsday. But it is not a doomsday caused by some outside elements like it is presented in the prophecies. It is purely a consequence of what we allow and accept, lack of responsibility and in general letting ourselves fall.

Now... are we going to wait for the shock and pain caused by hitting the bottom or are we going to take the full responsibility now and stop the process of destruction ? Remember that once we hit the bottom we will have to face the consequences of our stupidity, which despite of our good intentions and willingness to repair the damage, may not be possible anymore. For example there are more and more animals on the edge of extinction and later may not be possible to bring them back once they disappear from our planet.

Equal Money System can help us to prevent it and create a better life for all of humans, animals and the whole nature and our planet. It just needs to supported and implemented. There is no need to wait until we hit the bottom but if we decide to continue the fall we will have to face and bear the weight of the consequences of it.

To be continued...



Published: 2012 - July - 11      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater