Spain is in crisis - increased number of robberies

This is not a surprise, it is a common sense. There are more and more people who are being left without the income to support themselves and turn for help to Caritas, Red Cross and other organizations of this type. The government of Spain is not helping enough and as a matter of fact it is making it even more difficult for people because it is increasing the taxes and in the latest move the government of Gran Canaria ( one of the provinces in Spain ) has decided to cut the basic salary of the public workers so that it may deal with its own debt.

People become more and more desperate because it is extremely difficult for them to survive. They are being left with no choice and are being forced to do criminal acts or prostitute themselves. And it is more and more visible. I can see it in the local newspapers - they are selling themselves cheaper and cheaper because of high "competition" of other desperate people. Apart from this there are more and more robberies - I hear it from my friends, my clients etc.

Well... as I said in the beginning, this is not a surprise. It is a common sense and logic. It is a consequence of capitalism and all that humanity has allowed as a whole. I have foreseen it already few years ago. And I guess many others have also seen it. But our governments together with us have not done enough to prevent it and change it. And this is going to get even worse. There will be more and more desperate people, more crime, more prostitution, more people who will not be able to deal with it and they will commit suicide or they will get crazy. Once they become crazy then everything is possible and at the same time unpredictable. We are going in this direction and it is gaining its momentum. It is obvious.

As I said before it is going to get worse and worse. Until we reach the point of irreversible and catastrophic changes on Earth we will have a chance to do something to change it and prevent it. But the longer we wait and postpone it, the more difficult it is going to be for us and the more suffering we will experience.




Published: 2012 - July - 08      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater