I am a good person

Well... Again I don't have the exact statistics but I would say that if we asked people if they define themselves as a good person, then the majority would say "yes". But interesting is that even though we live on a planet where most of the people are "good people" we have a world which is pretty fucked up and is getting worse and worse.

How is this possible ?

Humanity has few answers to it: religious people say that it is the fault of the devil and others point out the elite, government, mafia etc. But in the end it all has one thing in common - we always blame somebody out there.

Well... it is time to wake up. You, me and others are living here on this planet and we all are responsible for what is going on here. Our world is fucked up because we as one group have accepted and allowed it all to happen. It was not god or evil but you and me. Even if you can prove that it was evil there is always a point that we have allowed him to do it. We have given our power away to him, we became less and not able to stand up to the evil and say "no".

Apart form this there is also another important element. This "I am a good person" is only a self definition and self-created belief and this definition will change from person to person. And thus we will see that somebody is selling drugs, beating his wife, cheating on his partner, stealing from others and even killing others and still he or she will say that he/she is a good person. And it is also interesting to see how everybody will try to justify their deeds in such way so that their self definition of a "good person" is not being damaged and affected. There will be always excuse assisting the action. In the end it all accumulates, all people are doing all of these things and as a consequence we have the world with starving people, rape, prostitutes, wars, stealing, all sorts of abuse etc. and yet majority of people defines themselves as "good person".



Published: 2012 - July - 06      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater