be the change that you want

Despite the fact that the process of change is relatively easy and quick, it takes a long time before people realize this simple fact and then make it happen. Anyway there is a point that needs to be understood - you, me and everybody else it responsible for everything that is happening in our lives. We are responsible for every single experience that is happening in our life. We either create something directly or we allow others to "create" our experiences for us. I know that many people still struggle with understanding the point of responsibility for all of our experiences but in the end this is the fact and everybody will have to understand it eventually - it is just a matter of when.

As long as you deny this fact you will never be able to make any change because you will be blaming others for what you experience. And because you blame others for it you will not be able to change anything because you are living in separation. Thus you must understand that you have created everything and so you become one with your creation and only then you will be able to change it.

But how to make the change practically ? Well... At the moment you are on the express train which has its own momentum and it is almost impossible to stop the train immediately. If you try to jump of the train you will most probably be hurt and the risk is high. You will need some time to slow down the train and then stop it.

But once again you must understand that every single moment of your life is designed by you - your job, family, home, event the time when you watch the tv on the sofa is a part of the whole creation and without it, the whole puzzle would not exist. It is very important. Don't ignore those small seemingly insignificant moments and experiences. Thus if you want to create change you must start to introduce in your life experiences one by one which will reflect the change and the life that you want. As I said before it is almost impossible to make the change in an instant thus you must start creating experiences one by one which reflect the change and with the time you will eventually make your whole life the way you want it to be and it will consist out of all those small experiences. You will stop creating the experiences that you don't want and create what you really want and desire.

Now... this is very important. There will be resistance within you to make the change. Your current express train together with your ego don't want the change. They feel threatened, they are afraid of it and thus you will have the feelings of resistance. You will have to learn not to react on it and push yourself through it or otherwise you will fall back and the whole process will take much longer for you as well as for others.

Another point... how to know - once you stop you current train - that you are not jumping on another train which will eventually take you to the same destination ? It is simple. Make sure that all your small experiences which you create and which make your whole life are only experiences which are best for all.

Remember... every single moment, every single thought, every single breath are the pieces which are part of the whole puzzle of your life. And you are the creator of all of these small experiences thus you carry responsibility for it and their consequences. If you want to have a better life you have to create all the pieces of the puzzle which are the change that you want to have. If you make every piece of the puzzle so that they are reflection of what is best for all, you will experience your whole life in completely different way - in a way which is best for all. Don't wait for others. Start doing it now. Be the living example and the others will join you later.



Published: 2012 - July - 02      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater