earth has cancer

In the previous article I have explained that changing the world is much easier than everybody thinks. Yes... I agree... a lot needs to be done, but it is not as difficult as we think. Now... On what basis do I say that changing the word is easy ?

I work in the field of alternative medicine and I see time after time that whenever we address the real cause of the sickness and disease, then the body starts to heal relatively quickly. And our planet Earth is also a living organism which has a body - sick body.

The virus which has invaded, infected and caused cancerous disease on Earth is called "human". Thus if we address the problem which is the breast cancerhuman we will be able to see the change, the healing process on the entire planet relatively quickly. It is not a joke. It is a fact. People behave exactly like the cancerous cells - they try to get for themselves as much resources as possible without considering the whole organism and this egoistic behavior causes that the whole body to get weak and sick and eventually it may die. Thus when we neutralize this virus, the body of Earth will be able to heal itself and it will happen relatively quickly.

The fate of Earth is almost the same as that of the human body - continuous abuse will cause serious sickness or even death. In the case of the serious disease we will enter into the phase of permanent changes and destruction with a slight chance that afterwards the Earth will recover and regenerate itself but it may take some millions of years. It all depends on how big is the damage and if the virus ( humans ) will be removed completely from the body. The death of Earth is also possible because the total imbalance in the body caused by the virus may cause change in the trajectory of the planet and may lead to a collision with other objects in the space which may cause total destruction of Earth. Of course this sounds a little bit out of the books but we may not reject this possibility.

In any case the most important thing is that we have already identified the cause of the sickness because now we have a chance to apply the correction so that the healing process may start. I see and understand that the best medicine ( and I also call it a homeopathic medicine ) which would treat effectively the virus, is the Equal Money System. If we take this medicine and implement it, then we will be able to enter into a relatively quick healing phase.



Published: 2012 - July - 01      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater