why revolution is not effective ?

In the last 2 years we may see increase in massive demonstrations and it is all happening on the global scale. And looking at the development of the situation in the world I would say with absolute certainty that this is going to increase even more. The reason for it is that people become more and more desperate because it is more and more difficult for them to survive. All of this is the result of global crisis of 2008, high unemployment which continues to grow etc. Now... when I say that all of it is the result of crisis we may not forget that the crisis itself is only I symptom ( the same as in every disease ). There is always a cause hidden somewhere inside of human body and/or mind and there are symptoms in the form of pain, inflammation, cancer etc. And as long as we treat the symptoms we will never be able to bring on a permanent healing. But anyway let's leave it because this is not the subject of this blog.

Thus why do I say that the demonstrations are not an affective way to bring on permanent change ? Most of the demonstrations are being run and organized out of desperation and are being driven by emotional rush. And the same as the adrenalin rush in the body, the emotional rush is never lasting long thus as soon as the rush cannot be anymore driven and sustained by the adrenalin or other chemicals than the whole demonstration is over. And we can see time after time how people give up reasonably quickly and accept that they cannot do anything. Although sometimes the whole demonstration turns into a bigger revolution which leads to domestic war ( we could see that in the countries of North Africa in the last 2 years ) and change of the government and constitution it is still "adrenalin" driven rush.

Thus as I said before people either give up quickly their goals which they tried to achieve through their demonstration because they realize that it is not so easy as they thought or at the most they achieve to get something but they have to go on a compromise and agree on a "small piece of cake" being offered them by those in power so that they shut up and go home. Thus nothing really changes, sooner of later the elite and those in power will take away from you the piece of cake they have given you anyway and you are simply continue being "fucked" as always by the elite.

Do you start to see it ? If not then go and do some studies and see what has really changed in the situation of people who organized the revolution in the last 20 years for example and you will see a certain pattern. Those who were in power before the revolution sooner or later manage to get to power again but under different name and label and as I said before they continue fucking around with people as they always do. If you remember the revolutionary movement of "SOLIDARNOSC" and Lech Walesa in Poland in the 1990 then look what has happened afterwards. Initially the communist party has lost completely the power but few years later the ex-communists changed the label and became capitalists and they have managed to get to power again. Thus don't be surprised if you see the same in the countries of North Africa in the years to come.

Thus... revolution being driven by emotional rush are not effective in bringing any permanent change. Stopping the smoking cigarettes is also a revolution on a mini scale but if you try to do it through emotional rush, most probably you are going to fail. This is what I have seen time after time with my friends and with myself when I was dealing with my addictions. For the revolution to be effective it must go along the revolution within the mind and the heart of the participants and they must not stop the demonstration or revolution until it is all done without going on any compromises. The best if the objective of the revolution is a goal that is best for all but in any case "doing until it is done" is the key to the success of any demonstration and revolution.

I forgive myself that I have not allowed myself to realize that demonstrations and revolutions are not effective in making the change because their starting point is based on emotional rush instead of being a movement of self direction to achieve the goal of what is best for all.

I forgive myself that I have not allowed myself to realize that the revolutions are not effective in bringing the change because they don't go along the revolution and change within me; thus I am only trying to change outside without realizing that the outside is just the creation, manifestation and reflection of what is inside of me and as long I don't change myself I will always recreate what is inside of me.

I forgive myself that I have not allowed myself to realize that the outside is always my creation either through direct creation and active participation or passive participation and allowance of what others create, thus as long as I don't take responsibility for all that exists, apply the correction and make the change within me, then no revolution and demonstration will ever bring permanent and lasting change on the outside.



Published: 2012 - June - 29      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater