watching stars

I didn't have access to internet yesterday and I could not post it online but I have written my daily blog as usual.

Last night I stayed in the mountains - about 1,400 m above the see level. It was completely dark without the street lights and the sky was completely clear and I could watch the stars. And you know what ? Maybe for many of you it has no significance but it was something really amazing to see them so clearly and to see them flashing. I was looking at them and I was smiling, I was happy in that moment. Yes, I was smiling just from watching the stars. Nothing really special but at the same time it was unforgettable and simply amazing.

Now... why would I bother to write about watching the stars ? This moment of watching stars is incomparable with anything that you could buy yourself with all the money that you are trying to get so hard. It is simply priceless. But we have forgotten about it. Maybe your grandparents remember it but you don't know it anymore because probably you have never been outside of your city with polluted air and thousands of lights. We are becoming lost and separated from the nature and earth more and more. We are destroying our planet and we don't even realize anymore that we are taking from ourselves so many wonderful and priceless experiences while being with nature, watching it and being one with it. As I said before it is incomparable with anything that you can buy yourself with money but yet we are recklessly destroying it through our greed and pursuit of having more money.

Please stop destroying our planet before it is too late and before we enter a phase of irreversible changes. It is very bad already but still we can do something to prevent the permanent damages to our planet and nature. Support Equal Money System because this will help the process of healing on Earth.



Published: 2012 - June - 24      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater