i hate my soulmate

I was not able to post my blog on the 21st of June because my internet provider had big techinical probelms and there was no internet in the whole village. Anyway I am writing my daily articles and preparing the .html files for upload to my server as I would normally do and I will publish them on internet as soon as possible.

My friend has just finished his relationship. It was nice and beautiful in the beginning but in the end, it all went astray. From incredible love of soulmates turned into hate. These are the feelings that my friend has communicated to me but at least through our conversation it hasn't turned into hateful deeds.

Thus this is just another proof and a warning at the same time for all of those who take relationships for granted, go on compromises and don't work individually and together as couple on solving their problems and what is most important don't live the principle of what is best for all. It doesn't matter if you a famous person, a celebrity, a prince or a king. Your relationship will end up sooner or later and will turn into at least disgust if not hate. From a point when you don't want to be away from your loved one for even a moment, which happens in the beginning of the relationship, you will find yourself at the point when even a single though about your partner will bring a disgust in you. Don't think that you are special. We have proof of so many relationships which always ended up exactly in this way. You will be just the next one. I was the next one. It didn't help that I met my "soulmate" and we had so many things in common and we had this wonderful feeling. It ended up - at least without the hate but it is finished.

Don't let the problems to accumulate; don't postpone them for later; don't wait; solve them as soon as possible. If you don't do it immediately, it is better to leave the relationship. Don't be afraid of it. At least you will not come to the point of hating your partner and blaming him/her for all the problems and both of you will have a chance to look at the problems without emotions, make the corrections, solve them and then start again together if you wish.

Now... solving the problems must be very effective. If you don't know how to be effective with solving the problems I would recommend starting the "Agreements - Redefining relationship course" offered by Desteni Group.

I know that my article looks like many other articles on internet when people write something and in the end they simply want to sell you something. I will not receive any commission if you decide to pay for the course. I honestly wish you that you have really fulfilling relationship and I recommend this course about the relationship only because I know that it is really good and effective. I haven't done this particular course myself but I am doing another one called "Desteni I Process" and it is really good and helpful. It is not easy but it is effective.

P.S. Whether they were soulmates I don't know and it is really not important because it doesn't change anything here. But I know that they are 2 beings who have shared their life for a certain period of time. And I also know that their relationship is over just like many others because they missed the point of being self honest, self responsible and living the principle of love which is best for all.



Published: 2012 - June - 22      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater