Effectiveness of the prayers

Today I had a short "conversation" via sms with one of my friends:

SHE: Look at the prayers from the book "Army of the dearest blood of Jesus Christ" ( I have translated it here from Polish language into English thus I am not completely sure if that is correct... but anyway it should be enough to get a fair idea about it from my translation )

ME: Once somebody starts to understand that he himself is the cause of all the problems in the world and also in his life, than he doesn't need the prayers anymore; he starts to work with himself ( changing himself ) and than the world starts to change as well.

SHE: It is important to pray for the world and others and not only think about yourself because this is the reason why the world is the way it is...

So... let's have a look at the prayers and their effectiveness. People have been praying for at least thousands of years and I would not be mistaken if I told that the prayers have intensified greatly after the crucifixion of Jesus. Thus following the logic if people pray so much than our world should be already like heaven but the fact is that our world is actually more like a hell. Isn't this a proof good enough to make everybody to think that the prayers don't work ? Of course it is but unfortunately people don't follow the logic and common sense and instead they continue hoping and praying that somebody ( god ) will save them from their misery. Well... it hasn't happened for the last 2000 years and it is not going to happen not.

Myself I have realized this:

1. When people are praying they put themselves into a state of waiting for somebody who is more powerful than them ( in this case god ) and who would solve their problems for them. People accept the belief that they are less than something outside of themselves which is nothing else but free willingly giving their power away to somebody else ( god ). And once you free willingly give your power away and later you repeat continuously in your prayers that you are powerless and you need powerful god to save you, you are doing nothing else but manifesting and solidifying this belief which becomes the reality for you. You have the power to create things and in this case you are creating yourself as something powerless. This is your creation and later you will have to face consequences of it because you will place yourself in situations which will reflect to you your belief - that you are powerless and you need powerful god to save you. It is all your creation which you believe is the reality but still it is only self created illusion.

2. When people are praying to god to help them, they put themselves into the state of waiting for the miracle of the divine intervention. The problem here is that instead of doing something to make the change themselves, they are just waiting. And it has been proven many times. They either knew themselves how to change things or somebody else has pointed out to them the way to solve their problems, but yet they were completely blinded by their belief and they have discarded the suggestions and continued waiting for the miracle. They have this idea in their mind: "if it will not happen through miracle then it is not worthy, not effective and maybe it even comes from the devil thus definitely should be discarded and not even talked about it". In reality this is nothing else but the desperate need to validate their belief in powerful god because otherwise if they made all the changes themselves, there would be no need to have god anymore and their whole belief and illusion would be not valid. And people don't want so easily to give up the illusions and thus they don't want to even consider that there is no god, even though all the facts show us this clearly.

3. When people pray to god to save them from their misery they are still not understanding that they have created their own misery and simply they don't see it. Or we should rather say that they are DENYING to see it because it has been already proven that we always know why and how things happen. And one of the reasons why we are don't see it, is because we hope that if we pretend that we don't see it and we don't know it, than we will be able somehow to avoid the responsibility for it and we will not have to face the consequences of our creations and allowances. Anyway I have realized that once I accept the responsibility for my creations and I allow myself to see how I create the shit in my life and in the world, then I don't need prayers anymore, I don't need to wait anymore, I don't need to give my power away to some illusionary powerful being outside of myself. I simply make the corrections and make the change myself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to give my power away a powerful being ( god ) outside of myself instead of realizing that I am the creator of my world and thus I am responsible for all the shit that is going on here; thus I am the only one who change it.

I forgive myself that I have not allowed myself to realize that I pray because I don't want to take responsibility for my creations in this world.

I forgive myself that I have not allowed myself to realize that if I pray for other people and the world, I am accepting the belief that others are powerless, which is nothing else but just another false belief to validate the existence of god.

I forgive myself that I wanted to proof desperately that god exists by waiting for miraculous divine intervention of god to solve my problems and through this I have discarded and rejected any practical solution to solve my problems by myself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that I am powerless and I need god to save me from my misery and suffering.

I forgive myself that I have not allowed myself to realize that I am the creator of my misery and suffering and thus I am the only one who can change it; and as long as I deny this fact and continue creating more shit, misery and suffering nothing will improve in my life and god will not save me either.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to wait for miracles from god instead of making the corrections and the change myself and working practically on creating a system which is best for all.

To be continued...



Published: 2012 - June - 19      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater